'Walking Dead' Promo Teams Rick With Michonne

The Walking Dead

Been missing "The Walking Dead"? Well, you are not alone. Fortunately the show's return is less than a month away, and a new promo has been released for its midseason return.

Interestingly enough, the trailer for episode nine, "The Suicide King," features something we haven't seen much of up until this point: Rick and Michonne working alongside one another. It seems like Rick will rely heavily on Michonne for advice when it comes to The Governor, but that could cause dissent within his group. Hopefully Rick's fractured mental state doesn't last too long, because he's got some big challenges ahead of him and needs to be a good leader to help his followers survive them.

Watch the trailer after the jump!

One of the best parts of "The Walking Dead" is its gorgeous cinematography, and the trailer for "The Suicide King" features plenty of it. From the "Away with you" shot at the beginning to The Governor firing off a machine gun, the February 10 return of AMC's hit series looks like it will be fantastic. The music in the promo is Jamie N. Commons' song "Lead Me Home." Hopefully it gets incorporated in the season at some point, because it really does fit with the tone of the second half of season three.

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