Rumor: Is Jimmy Olsen A Woman In 'Man Of Steel'?

Jimmy Olsen

Fans might not recognize the Jimmy Olsen character when they first see him in "Man of Steel" — or should we say "her"? It could be that the Daily Planet employee has been gender swapped to be a woman in the upcoming movie.

As Daily Mail points out, actress Rebecca Buller is listed as "Jenny Olsen" on "Man of Steel's" IMDb page. Buller can also be seen in the "Man of Steel" trailer running alongside Laurence Fishburne's Perry White as a building crumbles in the background. Judging by her lanyard and professional clothing, she very much could be a reporter at the Daily Planet.

There's no confirmation that Buller actually is playing "Jenny Olsen," but it wouldn't be much of a surprise. If it's true, the Jimmy Olsen character isn't the only one who will have been changed for "Man of Steel." Though White is a Caucasian in the "Superman" comics, Fishburne plays him in the film.

My honest opinion: as long as Olsen is still a friend of Clark Kent and Lois Lane in the movie, it shouldn't matter if the character is played by a man or woman. There's nothing wrong with playing around with the Superman mythology a little bit as long as the core of the story remains the same.

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