'Man Of Steel' Trailer Gets The Lego Treatment

Man of Steel

Zack Snyder has adopted a very unique visual style for "Man of Steel": He's decided to shoot the entire movie using only Legos.

No, we're kidding, it wasn't Snyder who came up with the idea, but rather brilliant YouTuber Antonio Toscano. As you can see in the video included after the jump, Toscano did a rather fantastic job recreating the "Man of Steel" trailer as a new film called "Man of Bricks," and we're lying if we say we wouldn't pay money to see it.

If Toscano has made this type of video before then he hasn't posted it to his YouTube page, but somehow we doubt this was his first effort. In fact, "Man of Bricks" would do former MTV News producer Brian Jacks proud. Back in 2010, Jacks recreated the "Prince of Persia" trailer using only Legos, and he did the same in 2011 with "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," proving he had way too much time on his hands he's a very talented individual.

For some context, here's the original "Man of Steel" trailer that Toscano spoofed. Pretty spot-on, no?:

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