'Arrow' First Look: The Count Revealed!

Seth Gabel makes his "Arrow" debut as The Count on January 30, and now we've got our first look at the drug-dealing villain.


TV Guide posted the first official photo of Gabel as The Count, who is the "Arrow" answer to DC Comics' infamous villain Count Vertigo. (Read our profile of the bad guy over here.) "Arrow" producer Marc Guggenheim spoke with the magazine at length about the character's introduction, and what puts him on Ollie Queen's radar.

"What gets Oliver into The Count's orbit and puts the two of them in conflict is actually a really personal motivation," says Guggenheim. "Someone close to him is actually hurt by The Count. This is the first time the Arrow goes after someone purely out of revenge. There's argument to be made that the Arrow's general mission is one of vengeance, but this is very specific. This time, it's personal."


"He's a very interesting character, and the way Seth performs him, he plays him with a lot of flair," adds the producer. "The fun thing about The Count is he's actually a businessman. He's got a little bit of a sociopathic streak in him, for sure, but he sees himself as an entrepreneur, as creating not drugs, but art. He compares his drug to performing a social service and to a fine wine, so he has a very skewed view of what it is that he does. At the same time, we know that he's not only sociopathic, but he's very sadistic as well."

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