'Walking Dead' Promo: Beware 'The Suicide King'

The Walking Dead

When "The Walking Dead" returns to AMC on February 10, expect for things to pick up from right where they left off in the midseason finale. The Governor has betrayed Merle, captured Daryl and lost an eye, and has a desperate need for vengeance against Michonne, Rick and all the survivors at the Prison. Based on the new promo for episode nine of season three, titled "The Suicide King," those are going to be some of the lightest moments of the episode.

Watch the promo below!

The new poster for the back half of season three totes the tagline, "An eye for an eye," and here we get to see that put to good use. Beyond flat out seeing the wreckage of The Governor's ruined eye, we also see the way he's committed to destroying Rick and everyone in the Prison.

On the flip side, the Prison is committed to taking down The Governor, and no one seems more dedicated to the task than Glenn. After being captured and beaten several episodes before, it seems as though he's ready to destroy the head of Woodbury. Also happy to help out is Tyreese, who we met in the midseason finale but who hopefully will become a major character going forward. After all, we waited long enough for him, right?

We lost a number of important characters on "The Walking Dead" already this season, and we expect that number will continue to rise going forward. After all, how can there not be casualties when The Governor is on a warpath like he is here?

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