'Dark Knight Rises' Sent Josh Pence Around The World

Dark Knight Rises

Even though we're already into a new year and new movie releases it still feels like we're wrapping up things from 2012, mostly because we're still riding out the end of the awards season. Now new year or old, we'll likely always find a way to talk about our favorite movie of 2012, "The Dark Knight Rises," and when we run into actors from the film it makes it that much easier!

Case in point, a recent run-in with Josh Pence, aka young Ra's Al Ghul. Sure, the guy only had a few quick flashes of screen time, but he was in a Christopher Nolan-directed Batman movie! Plus we haven't spoken with him about his experience yet since everything about that movie was so secret.

"Even when it was announced that I was cast [I couldn't say anything]," Pence said when asked about the levels of security that were required of him as a cast member. "When I met [Christopher Nolan] he was very kind but he was like [makes the keep your lips zipped gesture]. It was just so exciting to be a part of it."

But did we see everything that we could see from his performance as young Al Ghul, even via the special features on the Blu-Ray and DVD?

"I think that there are shortened versions of those scenes," Pence said when asked if anything he did might have been left on the cutting room floor. "But generally everything that I shot was in there, it was probably just shrunk down because it was such a long movie. It was amazing, I was in India for a week I was in London for 10 days, I mean India, in the middle of nowhere shooting this role that's like a blip on the radar because that's how big that movie was.

He added, "It was really, really fun."

Note to self: Perhaps that is the hidden gem in Hollywood, getting gigs as supporting supporting players in huge movies that shoot in multiple international locations? I bet no one has thought of that.