'Star Wars' And Zack Snyder: What Should He Do?

Zack Snyder

Have you heard the one about Zack Snyder and "Star Wars" yet?

A report surfaced earlier in the week that Snyder is developing a standalone "Star Wars" movie inspired by Akira Kurosawa and his classic film "Seven Samurai." Snyder's camp denied the report, though the original source, Vulture, is sticking to its story. The truth remains unclear, but the story got us thinking: if Snyder directed a "Star Wars" movie as his next project, then he would presumably be out of the running for "Justice League," and possibly the "Man of Steel" sequel as well.

So, while we're living in the land of the theoretical, we'll ask you this: which project would you want to see Snyder direct next? Vote in the poll below and explain your pick in the comments!