'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell Teases Big Revelations When Series Returns


Starling City's own billionaire playboy turned vigilante, Oliver Queen, is a man of many mysteries. Whether it's sneaking off during family dinners or breaking his ribs in a "motorcycle accident," there's a lot more to Mr. Queen than initially meets the eye. Fans of The CW's "Arrow" will attest to the many hidden intricacies brought to light since the pilot episode premiered last year, but nobody knows the true nature of these secrets quite like Stephen Amell.

At the People's Choice Awards earlier this week, we got a chance to talk Amell about the later half of the first season of "Arrow" (which returns next Wednesday, January 16) and his own personal views on his character, Oliver Queen. Read on for his thoughts on Helena Bartinelli (aka The Huntress), Oliver's wicked mother, and more.

MTV News: So, Helena — is Oliver really in love with her or does he just think that he is?

Stephen Amell: I think that he sees a lot of himself in her and that's always an attractive quality for a partner, isn't it? I think that Oliver really really likes Helena. I hope we see her again.

MTV: Does Oliver know that his mother had a hand in his father's death?

Amell: No — but that doesn't mean that he won't find out.

MTV: Which one of his family members suspects that he's living a dual life?

Amell: Probably his sister. I think his mom has just accepted that he's different. I don't think Thea has accepted, "Oh he's different, just let him do his thing," I think there's still [curiosity, mystery].

MTV: You mentioned a big "revelation" that is coming in the next few new episodes that people have been waiting for... what kind of revelation? Is it something from the comic books that fans have been waiting to see? Something that was hinted in the pilot?

Amell: There are a bunch of secrets in the pilot and one of them is going to start to unravel almost immediately when we come back on the air. I was really excited. I remember the writer showed me — I can't tell you which episode — but he showed me the last log line and I was like, "Ohhhh this is great!" I'm so excited.

MTV: And how are you feeling with your archery skills?

Amell: Archery is really good, I'm feeling really good. I went hard [with my physical training] for like seven months and I really needed a break. It's not that I got behind the eight ball or anything like that, but I had never experienced anything like that schedule before, ever. It's not that I'm prepared for it now, but it would be pretty tough to throw me a curve ball at this point that I wouldn't be ready for.

— Reporting by Kara Warner and Ryan Rigley —

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