Nicholas Hoult Excited For More 'X-Men,' Not As Much For More Beast

There are a lot of old faces returning to the "X-Men" universe in "Days of Future Past," but don't forget about the "First Class" cast. Several actors from Matthew Vaughn's 1960s X-flick are back for Bryan Singer's upcoming sequel, including Nicholas Hoult.

The "Warm Bodies" actor spoke with MTV News about how excited he is to return to the role of Hank McCoy — even if he isn't so anxious to return to Hank McCoy's makeup.

"The makeup was tough," Hoult said about his experience on his first "X-Men" film. "It was baking hot. I lost so much water weight just sweating. I could never cool down. I would nearly pass out quite often from the heat in that thing. [The 'Warm Bodies'] makeup was a treat compared to that."

Hoult is hoping for some changes to his Beast costume this time around. He's also hoping for some screen time with the original "X-Men" cast members, including the likes of Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen.

"They're all awesome," said the actor. "I enjoyed watching their 'X-Men' films before we made ours. Even though we made an 'X-Men' film, because they weren't in it, it almost felt like something separate. Now, going back to do one with all of them, it feels like we've reinvented the X-Men world."

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