'Fantastic Four' Reboot Boasts Moments 'You Haven't Seen In A Superhero Movie Before'

Fantastic Four

Even without a single casting announcement, we already know that filmmaker Josh Trank's "Fantastic Four" reboot is going to be "awesome." At least, that's what comic book creator and Fox-Marvel consultant Mark Millar believes.

"I use awesome in the traditional British sense and not the California sense awesome," Millar tells Sci Fi Now about what he knows of Trank's "Fantastic Four" vision. "The Ridley Scott moments, and the Fantastic Four really are jaw-dropping in the same way you feel when you saw Alien for the first time. There’s some moments in this – not to be specific – that are actually gonna be phenomenal on screen and stuff you haven’t seen in a superhero movie before."

Stuff we haven't seen in a superhero movie before? Like, four super-powered individuals going up against a gigantic Galactus that isn't a cloud? One can hope!

Millar spoke at length about why "Chronicle" proved that Trank is the right man to tackle Marvel's First Family, saying, "'Chronicle,' if you think about it, was similar to 'Fantastic Four' in that it was a bunch of people who were transformed into something more than human – that turned out almost his calling card to come and do something like 'Fantastic Four.'"

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