'Walking Dead' Poster Promises An Eye For An Eye

Walking Dead

When "The Walking Dead" returns, The Governor won't just be out for blood — he wants an eye for an eye.

A brand new poster for the back half of "Walking Dead" season three emerged online at TV Line today, depicting an unhinged Rick Grimes with the nefarious, one-eyed Governor lurking right over his shoulder. These two survivors have yet to meet, but judging by the poster, it won't be long before their worlds collide in bloody fashion.

See the full poster below!

Meanwhile, in other "Walking Dead" news, The Hollywood Reporter has published an extensive report about the departure of showrunner Glen Mazzara. The report cites insiders who say "Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman is "very proprietary" over the franchise, and "wants to maintain a certain amount of his control." It's also noted that "Kirkman was [just] one of several producers on the show who had issues with Mazzara and his vision," going on to cite an insider who says Mazzara's shortcomings as a showrunner were "abundantly clear … especially for the second half of the season." Head to THR for more details.

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