Rodrigo Santoro Says '300: Rise Of An Empire' Is A 'Spinoff,' Not A Prequel

The upcoming "300" film, "300: Rise of an Empire," is due out in eight months, and star Rodrigo Santoro says fans have a lot to look forward to. During a conversation with MTV News while promoting "The Last Stand," Santoro teased how "Rise of an Empire" will work alongside "300."

"They're calling it a spinoff. They don't call it a prequel or spinoff. It has bits of backstory and then you jump forward. There's bits of everything," he said. "Zack Snyder, who directed the first one, is producing and wrote this one. There's a new director, but I think that he had a pretty cool vision. They're still following the same patterns and the same language that was used in the first one."

Still, don't expect "300: Rise of an Empire" to be exactly the same as its predecessor. Santoro said new director Noam Murro has a few tricks up his sleeve.

"It's similar but there is something new about it and I think they're going to like it," Santoro said, referencing the fans. "It's cool. It's very cool."

"300: Rise of an Empire" is due out on August 2, 2013.

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