Jaimie Alexander Details Her Brutal 'Thor' Injury

Jaimie Alexander

"Thor: The Dark World" is just make believe, but the upcoming Marvel blockbuster was very real — and very dangerous — for actress Jaimie Alexander, who suffered a back-breaking injury while shooting the film.

When we caught up with Alexander during the press junket for "The Last Stand," her new movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the "Thor" actress went into detail about the injuries she suffered on "The Dark World" set. Watch the video below for her comments on the matter, and read on for more details about how Lady Sif's role in the "Thor" sequel differs from the first film.

"It's a different vibe and a different tone," Alexander said of what makes the two "Thor" movies different. "I think it's a bit darker. We explore more of the viking aspect of things. We explore a few different realms. You learn more about what life is like in Asgard. People just looking awesome, tall, kicking butt, stabbing a few people."

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