Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants To Treat 'Conan' Sequel Like '300'

Arnold Schwarzenegger's next movie is called "The Last Stand," but don't let the title trick you into thinking this is the action legend's final big-screen appearance. He has numerous projects in varying stages of development, such as "The Legend of Conan," Schwarzenegger's third attempt at bringing the Robert E. Howard creation to life.

"I'm excited too, because I've been hyping that idea to Universal Studios for quite some time," Schwarzenegger told MTV News during the "Last Stand" junket when we told him about our hopes for the next "Conan" movie. And in his eyes, it's not good enough to just lop off some heads and limbs and call it a day — the next "Conan" needs much more substance than that.

"The important thing with Conan is to make it into an A-movie, to treat it like a '300,' any of those good movies, rather than a B-action movie, where you just hack a few heads and limbs off and run around with a sword. That doesn't do it," he said. "The audience today, the fans, are very sophisticated. They've seen all the Superman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, all of those movies. ... They've seen it all. They demand something that isn't [just] a spectacle."

But before Arnold gets into "Conan" mode one more time, he needs to figure out where things stand with two of his other hotly-awaited properties: the "Terminator" series, and "Triplets," the proposed sequel to "Twins."

"I think all three of them — 'Terminator,' 'Conan' and 'Triplets,' the sequel to 'Twins' — I think all three of those are potentially huge movies and could be successful," he said. "The key thing is that they're written well they're directed by great directors."

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