Jon Favreau Explains Why 'Cowboys & Aliens' Failed To Rock The Box Office

Cowboys and Aliens

It seems safe to say that "Cowboys & Aliens" was not the box office success director Jon Favreau hoped for. In a new interview, he opened up about why he didn't think the movie was as big a hit with audiences as "Iron Man" was.

"'Cowboys and Aliens,' it didn't bomb but it was definitely a 'pillow party,'" Favreau told the WTF Podcast, via Comic Book Movie. "You always feel this way about the latest project you've done but I feel like it's the most evolved work I've done. Plus, the experience of working with Spielberg, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, 'Kurtzman and Orci' and Damon Lindelof and then Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig, it was one of those things where when you achieve a certain amount of success, you're the expert. You're going to decide and give these platitudes of 'if it bends its funny.'"

He continued, "I learned the lesson that you can make the best Bacon Sundae in the world but if people don't want to eat that flavor of ice cream...and the name was misleading. With so many [actors] associated with it, it was seen as the big dog and we felt we were underdogs with how obscure the material was ...The name that was so interesting made everyone think it was going to be a comedy and maybe it would've been better served with a different vision."

Favreau admitted in the interview that he struck brilliance with "Iron Man," and that the magic didn't work twice with "Cowboys & Aliens" -- though he doesn't seem to necessarily blame himself for that.

"It's always a trick of 'how can you get the big summer movie, with the big budget, where you can play with all the toys yet do something interesting with it," he said. "With 'Iron Man' I had been spoiled because it worked out. [Looking at 'Iron Man'] part of me felt that it was going to bomb and part of me felt like this is going to be the best movie in the world."

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