Hugh Jackman 'Absolutely' Sees 'Wolverine' And 'Les Miserables' Similarities


In "Les Miserables," Hugh Jackman plays Jean Valjean, a fugitive wrestling with a dark past represented by the vengeful Javert. In the "X-Men" movies, he plays Wolverine, a mutant wrestling with a dark past that's often represented by the merciless Sabretooth. Sound similar to you? It does to Jackman, too!

"Absolutely," the actor told Empire when asked if he sees similarities between "Les Mis" and the "X-Men" film franchise. "There's definitely a yin and yang quality about both [relationships]. You can always argue that in both situations, what the author is hinting at is not just two separate characters tussling in rivalry, but symbolic of the war going on within all of us."

"It's not quite as physical in Les Mis and there's a lot more singing," he added with a laugh. "I mean, off set, Sabretooth and I, we had a little [singing] going on…"

A clue that Jackman's upcoming Wolverine project, "X-Men: Days of Future Past," might include some song and dance?

"I can't confirm that, because I'm pitching it at present," he joked, before altering some lyrics from the musical "Oklahoma." "'Oh, what a beautiful mauling!'"

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