'Iron Man' Fan Proposes To Girlfriend With An Arc Reactor

Arc Reactor

Nerdy men of the world, this is how it's done. Eddie Zarick proposed to his girlfriend Sarah Carter in one of the most epic comic book-related ways we've ever heard of: By designing an "Iron Man"-style arc reactor replica that presented his now-fiancé with her ring.

“I took her out to the beach one night in the back of my Jeep and told her I had a early Christmas gift for her," Zarick told Wired. "I gave her the box, and inside was the reactor. It was at night so it really shined bright and she was amazed. But once I pushed the button and the light show happened and the ring came out, she was speechless and crying.”

Apparently Carter had been teasing Zarick by calling him "Tony Stark" when he first started designing the arc reactor replica. As he explained on his blog (via Robot6), Zarick redesigned the "arc reactor heart" to present Carter with the ring. Check out the video below to see he made it work. It's seriously impressive!

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