'Oblivion' And 'Man Of Steel' Get New Images

It's hard to nail down exactly which movie we are most excited for in 2013, but Joseph Kosinski's "Oblivion" and Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel" definitely rank towards the top of the list. Despite some details from both movies being released, they are still shrouded in mystery and a whole lot of anticipation.


As part of their 2013 movie preview, USA Today has debuted new photos from the two movies. The "Oblivion" image is definitely the more intriguing one, as it shows Tom Cruise's character being interrogated by Morgan Freeman. We saw teases of this relationship in the movie's trailer, but it's clear that it will be an interesting dynamic going forward.

"I started writing this small character-driven science fiction story that was in the vein of those science fiction films of the 1970s that involved this lone survivor among the ruins of civilization, like 'Mega Man' or 'Silent Running' -- it was kind of in that vein," Kosinski told MTV News in a recent interview. "I thought if it was going to be my first movie it would have to be something very small and contained in order to even get a chance at pulling it off."

Man of Steel

The "Man of Steel" image shows Henry Cavill's Superman flanked by military choppers, though it's not entirely clear if they're his friends or foes. Considering he was handcuffed in the movie's poster, it could be the latter.

"Oblivion" comes out April 19, and "Man of Steel" hits theaters on June 14.

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