'Smallville' Actor Up For 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'?

Michael Rosenbaum

See, what did we tell you about those Star-Lord casting rumors? They're everywhere! Here's the latest: "Smallville" actor Michael Rosenbaum tweeted on Wednesday night that he's read for "Guardians of the Galaxy," specifically for the Star-Lord role.

Should we take that as a sign that Rosenbaum is actually a "Guardians" contender? Could the erstwhile Lex Luther (and occasional voice of Wally West) switch sides and join the Marvel Universe? Maybe… but it's also entirely possible that this is just Gunn/Rosenbaum having fun with the blogosphere and its writers (see: me) who are obsessed with the Star-Lord casting search. My gut says this is just a practical joke, but I'll be the first in line to feast on crow if it turns out Rosenbaum is actually lined up for Star-Lord.

What do you think? Is Rosenbaum up for Star-Lord, or is it wishful thinking? Tell us in the comments section below or let us know on Twitter!