'Walking Dead' Puts The Governor 'On The Warpath'

The Governor

Bad things are coming in the back half of "The Walking Dead" season three, and we aren't just talking about the fact showrunner Glen Mazzara is leaving. With "Made to Suffer" ending on a pretty major cliffhanger, it seems safe to assume that things are going to get much worse before they get any better.

Chief among those problems is the Governor, who's lost an eye and his zombie daughter and gained a whole lot of rage. Robert Kirkman told Movieline that we're going to see a whole new side of the Woodbury leader in the upcoming episodes.

"We haven’t seen him activated to the extent that he’s going to be activated in the back half of the season," Kirkman said. "He's going to be much more engaged and a little bit more aware of the threat that the prison represents. He's going to be on the warpath."


Meanwhile, Danai Gurira opened up to E! News and said Penny's death was Michonne's form of revenge against the Governor.

"Killing the little-girl zombie is actually a merciful act. [It's like] put her in a grave and put a cross on it and mourn her properly," she said. "But it's also oh, wow, this is what he loves. He took what I loved away [Andrea] and tried to kill me, so this is my perfect act of vengeance."

As for what Michonne is up to in the rest of the season, Gurira teased her character is heading on a "different track." "She knows she needs community, and that sort of propels her into the second half of the season, which is probably closer to what people know from the comic books. She starts to try to take a different track, in terms of investing not only in herself and her own survival but in other people's, too," Gurira said.

Walking Dead

If you thought Rick was in a better place when the midseason finale of season three aired, then you thought wrong. Kirkman said that we still haven't seen the lowest the survivor leader can go.

"He’s a person who’s bearing the weight of everyone’s survival on his shoulders, and I think that’s become a little bit unbearable," Kirkman said. "He's certainly spiraling out of control. And now he's starting to see [dead people]. It's definitely a real problem."

"The Walking Dead" returns on February 10.

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