Joseph Gordon-Levitt Rumored For Star-Lord In 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Put those Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Justice League rumors on hold for a bit, folks: there's a more pressing JGL rumor to attend to.

Deadline reports that the "Dark Knight Rises" actor is in the mix to take on the lead role as Star-Lord in director James Gunn's "Guardians of the Galaxy." The Marvel Studios space opera hits theaters in August 2014, and the search is well underway to find an actor to lead the movie forward — and it looks like Gordon-Levitt is one of those desired actors.

"I’m not sure if Gordon-Levitt has been offered the role and nobody would comment, but he’s in the mix," is what Deadline reporter Mike Fleming hears on the matter. Hardly anything concrete to go by, but at least it adds another new possibility to a field of actors including Jim Sturgess, Zachary Levi and others.

In the comics, Star-Lord is the alias of Peter Quill, a man chosen for great power and responsibility by the Master of the Sun. For more details on the character, read our Galaxy Guide Star-Lord profile.

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