'Wolverine' Promo Photo Is 'All Me,' Hugh Jackman Says


Hugh Jackman is the best there is at what he does, and what he does is get into impossibly good shape to play Wolverine.

Jackman, currently appearing in Oscar-magnet "Les Miserables," recently appeared on The Jeff Probst Show and spoke about his workout routines for certain parts, including his most iconic role of them all: the adamantium-laced Logan.

"That's all me, man," Jackman said when asked if any part of the initial "The Wolverine" promo photo (pictured above) was doctored up. "It was brutal getting there. And by the way, I asked the company if they could just … you're spending millions on special effects, just help me out. I want to eat pizza and drink beer. And they said no!"

The actor added, "For that kind of body, I had to go up in weight, big, lift big and heavy, then strip down."

Jackman said that the success that stemmed from his role in the "X-Men" films "was a surprise to everyone, not just me. I don't think anybody understood just how popular this series was. It was the early days of the Internet, even Comic-Con was a small deal back then, and comic book movies were almost non-existent. Bryan Singer really ignited it. It was a shock."

Thanks to Digital Spy for pointing this out.

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