RUMOR: 'Justice League' Roster And Story Details Revealed?

Justice League

It wouldn't be a new year without a big, juicy rumor to dive right into — and in that regard at least, 2013 is no disappointment.

There are new "Justice League" movie rumors floating about today that, if accurate, reveal important details about the upcoming adaptation's cast and plot. Read on for more, but be warned: we're heavily in rumor territory. Big pinches of salt are encouraged.

Some highlights:

1. The Superman seen in "Justice League" is the same character seen in "Man of Steel," with Zack Snyder on board to consult on the character's portrayal.

2. Batman is wary of his fellow Justice Leaguers, not trusting these super-powered individuals any further than he can throw them — and given his lack of powers, that's probably not very far.

3. The Green Lantern of "Justice League" will be the very same Hal Jordan already seen on screen — whether or not that means Ryan Reynolds is back on board, or the character undergoes a casting shift, isn't clear.

There's much more over at Cosmic Book News, but remember: salt. Lots and lots of salt.

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