Your Top Five Comic Book Movies Of 2012 Are...

You voted for the Best Supervillain and the Best Superhero of 2012. Now it's time to reveal the results of the Best Comic Book Movie of 2012 poll. With thousands of votes cast, here are your picks for the top five flicks of the year...


5. "The Amazing Spider-Man"

Peter Parker's return to the big screen had a lot going for it — an excellent cast led by Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, most of all. With two more movies in the "Amazing" series on the way, it's an exciting new time for Spider-film fans … which isn't to say that Marc Webb's first foray into the franchise wasn't without its shortcomings.


4. "Dredd"

Judge Dredd's cinematic revival went largely unseen at the domestic box office, which is a crying shame, considering it was terrific. Karl Urban committed to the always-helmeted arbiter of justice, grunting and gunning his way through scene after scene after scene. "Dredd" was a wholly enjoyable bloodbath, and while it's not likely to spawn a sequel, at least it redeemed the 2000 AD icon's place in comic book movie history.

Men in Black

3. "Men In Black 3"

It's hard to argue with a good old fashioned Will Smith action-adventure, and on those grounds alone, there's no doubting that the third "Men in Black" delivered. It had a sad lack of Tommy Lee Jones, but where the old Agent K sat on the bench, Josh Brolin knocked it out of the park as a younger version of the character — easily one of our favorite performances at the movies all year long.

The Dark Knight Rises

2. "The Dark Knight Rises"

And so ends Christopher Nolan's legend of Batman, with a literal bang that nearly blew Gotham City all the way to hell. By introducing compelling new characters like Bane and Selina Kyle into the franchise, "The Dark Knight Rises" ensured that Nolan's vision of the Caped Crusader went out on a high note — and given certain rumors, it's possible that we haven't even seen the last of the Nolanverse.

The Avengers

1. "Marvel's The Avengers"

After sweeping the supervillain and superhero polls, it's abundantly clear that Earth's mightiest heroes were the ones to beat in the fan community this year. As with the other two polls, "Avengers" beat out its closest competitor by thousands, taking almost 60% of the total votes. Credit it to whatever you like — the influence of Joss Whedon, the perfect assembly of colorful characters, the climactic battle in New York City, or a healthy helping of shawarma — but there's simply no question that "The Avengers" is one of, if not the most successful comic book movies of all time.