Your Top Five Superheroes Of 2012 Are...

With Loki reigning as your pick for Best Supervillain of 2012 (not to mention his status as one of our Heroes of 2012, which is, we admit, kind of awkward), the time has come to assemble a group of superheroes to take him down. With over 15,000 votes cast in our poll for the Best Superhero of 2012, the results are in for your top five heroes.

(Spoiler: most of them are very mighty!)

Dark Knight

5. Batman

Eight years of retirement couldn't stop the big bad Bat from making one hell of a comeback in "The Dark Knight Rises." Though Bruce Wayne has hung up his cape and cowl for good now, he put on one final rager of a show in "Rises," bringing all of his might to bear upon Bane and Talia al Ghul.


4. Hulk

He was voted MTV News' Best Character of 2012, but the big green rage monster only clocked in at number four when you guys voted for the best superheroes of the year. Regardless of ranking, Hulk's place on this list goes without saying, thanks to masterful acting from Mark Ruffalo, brilliant writing from Joss Whedon, and a whole lot of smashing from the visual effects team.


3. Thor

With his brother sitting atop the list of supervillains, it only makes sense that the God of Thunder comes nipping at his heels. Thor is ranked third on your list of the year's best superheroes, bringing the mighty Mjolnir to bear upon any who come in his path. Good thing he has so many fans, too, considering he's got a new movie coming out in less than a year!

Iron Man

2. Iron Man

How can you not love this billionaire playboy philanthropist, especially after his "sacrifice play" at the end of "Avengers"? It's no surprise to see Tony Stark so high up on the list, and we expect to see him right back here — possibly even higher — next year, thanks to "Iron Man 3."

Captain America

1. Captain America

Just as Loki wiped the floor with the competition in the Best Supervillain poll, so too did Steve Rogers dominate his rivals. Cap stands as the number one superhero of the year by thousands and thousands of votes, netting almost 45% of the final tally. Perhaps Steve isn't the flashiest hero on the Avengers squad, but it's hard to argue that he doesn't have the most heart, sense of duty, and responsibility for his fellow teammates. Well-earned, Cap!

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