Your Top Five Supervillains Of 2012 Are...

We asked you to vote, and vote you did! Thousands of votes were cast for the Best Supervillain of 2012 poll, and today, we present to you the results. Read on to see who you voted as the Top Five Supervillains of the year.


5. Talia Al Ghul

The secret villain behind Batman's final battle clocks into our list at the number five spot. She might have had the silliest looking death of the year, but there's no doubting the damage Talia unleashed upon the people of Gotham City and the spirit of its greatest defender. Plus, Marion Cotillard is one hell of a liar, which surely earned her some points.


4. The Lizard

Doctor Curt Connors is a sympathetic figure, but his reptilian alter-ego is anything but. The monstrous Lizard breaks out of "The Amazing Spider-Man" and into the number four slot on your list of the best supervillains of 2012. Thankfully, he did no real damage against Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy — if he had, we have a strong feeling he wouldn't be held in such high esteem.


3. Andrew

In a bit of a shocking move, you voted the troubled teenager of "Chronicle" fame as the third best baddie of the year. Poor Andrew, played brilliantly by Dane DeHaan, just wanted acceptance — but he got a lot more than he bargained for, to the dismay of many in Seattle. Something tells us that with his "Spider-Man" sequel role coming up, this won't be the last time we see DeHaan on a list like this.


2. Bane

At number two is Gotham's reckoning himself: the masked man, Bane. He was the one who broke the Bat, snapping Bruce Wayne into a world of hurt and keeping Gotham under terrible lockdown for months and months without any hope of salvation. The villain's impossibly meme-worthy voice only further cements Bane's status as not just one of the best bad guys of 2012, but in superhero movie history.


1. Loki

It wasn't even close. The Asgardian God of Mischief blew every single competitor out of the water with 83.8% of the vote, besting Bane by thousands. Credit where it's due: Joss Whedon wrote one hell of an adversary for Earth's mightiest heroes, and Tom Hiddleston played him to perfection, evolving his tragic character from the days of "Thor" to the mighty heights of "Avengers." Combine that with the feverish fan following that is Loki's Army, it's no wonder that he stands strong as your villain of the year.

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