Hulk Is MTV Movies' Number One Character Of 2012


FROM MTV MOVIES: "The Dark Knight Rises" was MTV Movies' number one film of 2012, but the Caped Crusader has nothing on the Jade Giant.

Hulk clocks in at number one on the MTV Movies team's list of the Top 50 Movie Characters of 2012. And here's why: "Mark Ruffalo's performance, Joss Whedon's inspired writing and the groundbreaking work from the "Avengers" effects team joined together to make a Hulk that their predecessors could not: a wholly human, entirely relatable and impossibly bad-ass juggernaut of gamma-radiated awesome. No amount of archers, back-breakers or puny gods can stand between our giant green rage monster and his rightful place as the number one movie character of the year."

Also in our top ten: Loki (#5), Selina Kyle (#6) and Bane (#9).

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