GALAXY GUIDE #19: Five Future Guardians

Guardians of the Galaxy

One of the things we value most here at Galaxy Guide is you, the reader. The fact that you folks take time out of your busy schedules to read our musings on the cosmic side of comic book movies every week is what makes it all worthwhile. So when one of our readers contacted us through the official MTV Splash Page Twitter account with a special request, we just couldn't say no.

This week, we're going to take a look at a different set of Guardians of the Galaxy, not the ones slated to appear in 2014's feature film, but the original team, the ones who came before, and yet paradoxically also came after. That's because the Guardians of the Galaxy, as first introduced, were a team from the far flung future of the 31st century who would go on to inspire the creation of the modern day team. That gives the two teams a crucial link, so there's always the possibility, however remote, that some of the characters from the original might turn up in the film or eventual sequels.

Here now, we run down a list of five future Guardians who could make their mark on the big-screen.

Vance Astro

The leader of the future incarnation of the Guardians, Vance Astro is an astronaut from Earth who volunteers for a thousand year space voyage beyond our solar system, surviving in suspended animation, only to discover upon arrival that humanity has developed faster-than-light travel over the centuries, and he is now nothing more than an artifact of a bygone era. He eventually forms the Guardians to combat the threat of the invading alien Badoon, and utilizing his latent mutant powers, which manifested in the form of psychokinetic blasts, he and his teammates go on to champion the cause of freedom throughout the galaxy. Vance in particular is inspired by the legend of Captain America, with whom he shares in common the experience of being a man out of his time, and in the Guardians' 1990s series, he discovered Cap's long lost indestructible shield, which he proudly carried into battle from that day forward, under the name Major Victory. Along with his fellow Guardians, Vance has made a number of trips to our era, including one where in attempting to convince his younger self not to take that fateful journey, he winds up triggering the young Vance's powers early, leading him to become teenage hero and founding member of the New Warriors known as Justice (and making the Guardians' future an alternate timeline in the process). Most recently, he was hurled back in time to our era once again, where he became both the inspiration for, and integral member of, the modern day Guardians.


A massive mountain of a man, Charlie-27 hails from the off-shoot of humanity known as the Jovians, who are genetically engineered with eleven times the muscle mass of an ordinary human, in order to withstand the immense gravity of the planet Jupiter. Like most of the other Guardians, Charlie is the last of his species, the entire Jovian population having been exterminated by the invading Badoon. This tragedy provides Charlie with a fierce motivation to fight the Badoon and all others who would spread tyranny and brutality, while his formal military training as a soldier in Jupiter's space militia, his keen tactical mind, and his penchant for large guns provide him with the means.


Hailing from Pluto, Martinex possesses both a strange crystalline physical structure, and the ability to generate intense heat and intense cold, adaptations necessary to survive on what was once known as the ninth planet from the sun. Martinex is the team's scientist and doctor, often providing life-saving care in emergency situations. Martinex eventually left over frustration with the team's direction, but soon formed a sister team known as the Galactic Guardians, with a mandate to be more proactive in making the galaxy a better place to live. The Galactic Guardians eventually disbanded, however, and Martinex returned to the Guardians of the Galaxy.


The only one of the Guardians' founding members to hail from beyond the solar system, Yondu's homeworld orbits the nearby star of Alpha Centauri. Unlike the rest of the Guardians, Yondu abhors technology for the most part, preferring to rely on his bow and yaka arrows, which are made of a special metal that enables him to control their flight and perform tricks that can easily surprise an enemy. Yondu is also very spiritual, the Centauri culture being similar to traditional Native American culture in many respects. Yondu is perhaps the most deeply affected of the Guardians at the extermination of his people, believing it a sacred duty for him to find a mate and carry on his species. He believes he has gained that opportunity when he meets another surviving Centaurian, a female named Photon. Unfortunately for Yondu, Photon is a member of Force, a mercenary superteam in direct conflict with the Guardians, and she bears no love for Centaurian culture the way Yondu does. The two battle, and Yondu loses his hand in the process, while also nearly killing Photon. As penance, he accepts a mechanical hand that Martinex constructs for him. Yondu soon discovers that more of his people have survived the Badoon's extermination campaign, and goes to live among them for a time, but eventually comes to realize that his place is with his fellow Guardians, and returns to the fold.


Starhawk joined the team some time after their founding, but although not a founding member, he is nonetheless an essential part of the team and their missions, due to his status as "The One Who Knows." In addition to his powers of flight and the ability to project intense bursts of light and concussive energy, Starhawk seemingly has mysterious knowledge of the future, and regularly prods the Guardians that he insists are best, often without offering up any more explanation than a calm insistence that they must trust him. This has often not endeared him to his fellow teammates who view him as aloof and arrogant; he has an especially difficult relationship with his wife, Aleta, who was forced into sharing a body with him when the two were merged by the power of the Hawk God, from whom Starhawk draws his powers. But there is a secret behind both Starhawk's distant personality and his seeming omniscience in so many situations; in reality, Starhawk has lived his life many times over, and retains memories of how events transpired each time. His ability to predict the future is not foolproof, however; small changes in the timestream can cause huge ripple effects, disrupting the course of history, and leaving vast gaps in Starhawk's memory, making his reliability as an ally even more questionable at times.

Will any of the future Guardians make their way into a big-screen film at any point? Only time will tell, but if the makers of the Marvel movies are so inclined, they'll find these and many more Guardians waiting in the 31st century for their chance at another trip back in time.

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