'Dark Knight Rises' Ranks On YouTube's Top 10 Trailers Of 2012

Dark Knight Rises

"The Dark Knight Rises" was at the top of our list of MTV Movies' best films of 2012. You might not agree with that choice, but in terms of sheer popularity, we know we aren't the only ones who were enthralled by Christopher Nolan's final Batman epic.

YouTube has released their list of the top trailers of 2012. Clocking in as the highest-ranked movie and the third trailer overall is the official third trailer for "Dark Knight Rises," released in April of this year. To date, the trailer has 26.9 million views; the next highest-ranked movie trailer is for "Skyfall," released in July, with 17.6 million views.

Other movies on the list include trailers for "Hunger Games" and "Ted," while TV show "Revolution" is represented as well. The biggest winner of all is "Call of Duty Black Ops 2," the Activision video game, with three trailers in the top ten, including the first two spots.

See the full list here.

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