Moon Knight

by Ryan Rigley

Are you eagerly awaiting the 2015 release of "The Avengers 2" but often find yourself struggling to pass the time? Well, calm down. We here at MTV Splash Page completely understand. In fact, for the past few months, we've been compiling our own wish list of potential Avengers to include in Earth's Mightiest Sequel. This week, we'll be discussing Marvel's answer to Batman: Marc Spector, a.k.a. Moon Knight.

Created in 1975 by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, Moon Knight has been a full-time member of both the West Coast Avengers and the Secret Avengers in the past. He also suffers from a severe case of Multiple Personality Disorder. So what are the chances that Marc Spector will be making an appearance in Joss Whedon's "Avengers" sequel? Click past the jump to find out!


Rebelling against his rabbi father, Marc Spector takes up heavyweight boxing at an early age. Eventually, he would go on to join the U.S. Marines and later becomes one of the deadliest mercenaries in the country. While on the job in Egypt, Marc happens upon an archaeological excavation of an Egyptian pharaoh's tomb. Inside, he discovers a statue of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu and is then beaten nearly to death by a rival African mercenary.

Luckily, a group of roaming Egyptians happen upon Marc's battered body and carry him to one of their temples. It is here that Marc first has a vision of Khonshu, offering to give him a second chance at life if he agrees to become the moon god's new avatar on Earth. Marc agrees, covering himself in Khonshu's silver shroud as soon as he awakes. Deciding to fight crime with his newfound powers, Marc designs a silver cloaked costume, based on Khonshu's shroud, and dubs himself Moon Knight.


One of the defining characteristics of Moon Knight is his constant struggle with D.I.D. (dissociative identity disorder). In addition to being Moon Knight, Marc Spector is also both Steven Grant (millionaire entrepreneur) and Jake Lockley (taxicab driver). Recently, however, Marc has taken on three other personalities in the form of Marvel's most popular superheroes; i.e. Captain America, Wolverine and Spider-Man.

Now, we've already discussed the possibility of Fox and/or Sony-owned characters, such as Wolverine and Spider-Man, making a cameo appearance in "The Avengers 2," but what if said characters never actually appear on screen? What if they're just portrayed as different personalities of a Marvel-owned superhero? That way, we get the sense that all of these characters exist in the same universe without having to worry about all of those pesky legal issues. Everybody wins!


Although Marc Spector himself has never been employed by S.H.I.E.L.D., there have been other Earthly avatars of Khonshu that have fought valiantly for the S.H.I.E.L.D. cause. With that said, maybe we can get an introduction to Khonshu in a flashback episode of Joss Whedon's "S.H.I.E.L.D." series with an introduction to Marc Spector teased at the end. That way, when Marc becomes the new avatar of Khonshu in the first 20 minutes of "The Avenegers 2," we are all fully aware of who he is and what Khonshu represents.

In Assembling Avengers, we're picking a new Marvel Comics superhero every week and arguing why they deserve a spot on the roster for Earth's mightiest sequel. Let us know which heroes you want to see in the next "Avengers" in the comments or on Twitter!

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