James Badge Dale: 'Iron Man 3' Is A 'Dark Comedy'

Iron Man 3

James Badge Dale has been in a talking mood when it comes to "Iron Man 3." He plays Eric Savin, aka "Coldblood," and has spilled during a recent interview that he acts as the film's "muscle."

This month Dale graces the cover of Glow magazine, and he again speaks candidly about the upcoming Marvel cinematic universe film. Calling it a "dark comedy," Dale discussed his experience working alongside actor Robert Downey Jr. and director Shane Black.

"I had a great time. I went from riding a horse in the desert for 'The Lone Ranger,' tossed my dogs in a car and went to 'Iron Man 3' with guys in robot suits," he said, via Just Jared. "'IM3' is really a dark comedy with a little bit of farce. The trick is to be able to have the audience relate to you. Director Shane Black gave me a long leash. We had a great time. Robert Downey Jr. loves the process of acting and loves to be creative with a director and his fellow actors."

While we're sure "Iron Man 3" will be just as action-packed as it is funny, this comment does align with what Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said in the past. He explained that the film won't be as dramatic as its trailer made it seem, and actually will be more in line with the light-hearted comedy in "Iron Man."

"It's not a serious movie, but we seriously dig into exploring more of Tony," Feige said. "The trick is just trying to make great movies. We try to make them all great, all different and all fresh. What you'll see in 'Iron Man 3' is some very unique directions that were taken."

Are you okay with Dale calling "Iron Man 3" a "dark comedy," or would you like to see it be more serious? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!