'Red 2' Debuts First Images From New Movie

Red 2

The main characters in "Red 2" might have some major violations with the fashion police, but at least they're back and fighting fit. The first image from the upcoming movie has been released, and it shows Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and Mary-Louise Parker walking away from a dangerous situation. Their outfits are nothing to write home about, but their nonchalant attitude certainly is.

''All of those great Bond and Bourne movies you've seen, we go into that world and have those kind of set pieces. It's just our characters that are completely ludicrous,'' director Dean Parisot told Entertainment Weekly.

Noticeably missing from this line-up is leading lady Helen Mirren, but Parisot said that omission is not indicative of the film itself. According to EW, the Oscar-winning actress could "steal the show again."

''She is genius and unbelievably sexy -- and somehow unbelievably macho," Parisot explained.

While "Red 2" brings back the original film's cast, it also welcomes Anthony Hopkins. Mirren already worked opposite him in "Hitchcock," and she praised her two-time costar for his acting talents during a recent interview with MTV News.

"Hopefully it will be another fun ride," she said of the sequel.

"Red 2" is set to hit theaters on August 2, 2013.

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