Rumor: 'Justice League' Source Material Revealed

Justice League

Little to nothing is officially known about the "Justice League" movie Warner Bros. is planning beyond the fact that it is due out in 2015. That doesn't stop us from speculating, though, like we did with the rumor that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play Batman in the movie.

The latest rumor to be making the rounds comes from Latino Review, a site which tends to be pretty spot-on with some of its scoops. They're reporting that the "Justice League" movie will be based on Gerry Conway's "Justice League of America" issues 183 to 185.

Will Beale is currently writing the script for "Justice League," and we bet that he is basing the film's story on more than just a couple issues of the ensemble DC superheroes' story. Still, the rumor that he is using these issues lines up with another rumor surrounding the project: It will feature Darkseid as a villain.

The three-issue "Justice League" arc, released in 1980, tells the story of Darkseid as he plans the destruction of Earth. That sounds like a tale big enough for one movie, but like we said before, Beale will probably incorporate a couple of other "Justice League" storylines in there as well.

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