'Wolverine' Motion Poster: Hugh Jackman Has A Sword

WolverineHugh Jackman makes his much awaited return to mutantkind with next summer's "The Wolverine," and while we've yet to see a trailer for the James Mangold-directed flick, today brings us our first look at the hero in motion.

An international motion poster for "The Wolverine" has arrived, showing the clawed warrior with a new weapon in his arsenal: a katana. The motion poster sees Logan kneeling on a rooftop, shirtless (because why not?), claws popped in one hand, sword held firmly in the other. Rain comes down all around him as he looks down upon the streets of Tokyo from high above. The poster is, in a word, epic.

See it for yourself below!

"The Wolverine" hits theaters on July 26, 2013.

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