Christopher Nolan Addresses Joseph Gordon-Levitt 'Justice League' Rumors

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Is there more to that Joseph Gordon-Levitt in "Justice League" rumor than we initially thought? Though the actor's representatives have called the rumors "entirely false," Christopher Nolan has sort of implied that there could be some truth behind the story.

Of course, Nolan could just be messing with us as well. In a new interview with Movieline, "The Dark Knight Rises" director seemed to imply that there was something going on between Gordon-Levitt and the forthcoming ensemble DC superhero movie.

"I can't talk about that. You know that," Nolan answered when asked about Gordon-Levitt's rumored involvement, wearing what Movieline called a "Cheshire smile."

So why are we giving this some credibility? Well, because in the past Nolan would have typically just shot the rumor down. Either he's playing along to mislead people, or that "Robin" tease at the end of "The Dark Knight Rises" was more than just a tease.

During a recent interview, "Man of Steel" director Zack Snyder also teased that his Superman movie could be a part of the greater "Justice League" world that Warner Bros. is creating.

“I don’t know how ‘Justice League’ is going to be handled. Honestly, I don’t. But ‘The Man of Steel’ exists, and Superman is in it. I don’t know how you’d move forward without acknowledging that," he said. When asked if he's been involved in helping "Man of Steel" fit in "Justice League's" universe, he said, “I can’t really say anything to that, because that’s a big spoiler. I will say, yeah, they trust me to keep them on course.”

"Justice League" is going to be released in 2015.

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