‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer: 25 Reactions To 25 Photos

The full “Man of Steel” trailer is here, and it is glorious. It takes a while for the action to kick in, but even the quieter moments are well worth pouring over. Presented for you here are 25 epic images from (and 25 reactions to) this new look at Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot.

1. See Clark Kent drowning in an ocean of fire. (See also: Clark doing his best Arnold Schwarzenegger in “True Lies” impersonation.) “Drowning” looks to be a big theme of “Man of Steel.”

2. Understatement: Henry Cavill has looked better.

3. Diane Lane is in “Man of Steel.” She looks tremendous, and her speech about making the world smaller makes an immediate impact. (Also, her presence guarantees that my fiancĂ©e, the world’s biggest Diane Lane fan, will see this movie with me. Big win.)

4. If the trailer gets nothing else right (spoiler: it gets a lot right), it’s this gorgeous look at the Kent residence in Smallville, USA. Absolutely beautiful.

5. Here’s our (and presumably Clark’s) first look inside the Fortress of Solitude.

6. Clark looking much better than he did in picture 3, but still rocking the beard. Smart money puts this as the moment where he learns the full extent of his Kryptonian heritage.

7. I’m not the only one hoping for A) there to be a Kryptonite ring hiding in there and B) Batman sneaking into a post-credits scene to claim it, am I?

8. Again with the epic scenery. If I were Superman, I would hang out here all day long.

9. This doesn’t fly with Edna Mode’s “no capes” rule, but who cares? Superman’s cape is iconic, and deserves the flowing presence that Snyder has given it in his movie.

10. Still images do not do this justice. For my money, this is the best moment of the entire trailer.

11. Other than this moment. (Ugh, it’s all really cool.)

12. Without saying a word, Russell Crowe as Jor-El totally crushes this trailer.

13. Forget Katniss Everdeen: this here is the Man on Fire.

14. There are a lot of spaceships in the “Man of Steel” trailer, which can mean only one thing: Superman is going to punch spaceships in the face.

15. Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, on the run! But where’s Lois at?

16. Superman kneels before…

17. Zod. (But don’t kneel before his haircut. It’s horrible.)

18. Looks like the destruction of Krypton at first glance — but is it possible that this is Metropolis, with Kryptonian villainess Faora looking on?

19. Superman rushing at Zod. Hints of an epic movie-closing battle in the making.

20. Another spaceship, another face to be punched.

21. It’s best to imagine Christopher Meloni is just playing Elliot Stabler again. That’s a happier ending than “SVU” ever gave him.

22. Is Clark taking the Sacrifice Play out of Tony Stark’s “Avengers” manual? Looks like it to me.

23. No words required. The shield speaks for itself.

24. A sad dearth of Lois Lane in this trailer. But it’s made up for in this image:

25. New 52 status quo aside, perhaps there’s hope for Lois and Clark after all.

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