'Walking Dead' Cast Teases Future Of Season Three

The Walking Dead

There are still two months to wait until "The Walking Dead" returns on AMC, but the cast and crew of the hit AMC show want to make sure we know what we are missing. A new teaser featurette for the second half of season three has been released, and it shows that fans have a lot in store for them when the series returns on February 10.

"The first half of the season, we established these two different worlds: The Governor and Rick and the Prison," showrunner Glen Mazzara said. "Now they have found out about each other and all I can say is, 'It's on.'"

Robert Kirkman promises that there's still a lot of conflict left to see this season. We'll see Carl continue to be a capable member of the group, while Melissa McBride wants Carol to stay on the path she's been on. Glenn will be vengeful following his capture at Woodbury, though Lauren Cohan said that Maggie will try to find a route for peace. Fortunately they'll have Hershel's gentleness to help temper all the anger and frustrations aimed at Woodbury.

It's Rick who will really step up in the second half of this season, though. Season three is being set up as something that will come down to Rick against The Governor, and that's something we're definitely looking forward to.

"I was fascinated to see his breaking point in this season. He's been in a pretty crazy place," Andrew Lincoln said in the video. "In the second half of this season, you realize that Rick is this brutal, ruthless leader that is uncompromising, so when we meet the Governor, there is a match."

At the same time, Michonne killing The Governor's zombie daughter Penny was the worst thing that could have happened for his character. "We start to see the real birth of the Governor that people will know really," David Morrissey teased. "He literally doesn't care anymore ... That makes him a much more dangerous man."

He added, "[The second half of this season is] about if there's redemption in him."

As for that little cliffhanger at the end of the first half of this season, Michael Rooker teased that Merle and Daryl are right where they should be as brothers.

"It's us against the world again. That's how it's always been," he said.

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