Tom Cruise's 'Oblivion' Poster Promises 'A Memory Worth Fighting For'


We have little to go on when it comes to the upcoming Joseph Kosinski movie "Oblivion," but at least we now know that it will look pretty.

Universal has debuted the first poster for "Oblivion" via IGN, and it touts the headline "Earth is a memory worth fighting for." That doesn't tell us much about the film beyond what we already know, but the image on the poster does. Tom Cruise's Jack Harper stares up at a waterfall that has formed in between the wreckage of a major city, promising that this isn't a version of Earth that we've seen before.

The poster looks gorgeous, which makes sense because Kosinski is the man behind "Tron: Legacy." At the very least, that movie was a visual delight, so it makes sense that "Oblivion" would follow in its footsteps. The film doesn't come out until April 19, 2013, so we likely will be seeing a trailer one day soon that proves whether the film might live up to the promise in this poster.

Based on the set photos we've seen for "Oblivion," the movie also takes place in a version of Earth we are familiar with. In them, Cruise can be seen staring up at skyscrapers in a modern city. It seems like that scene will take place in a flashback sequence before the events that destroy the planet force humanity to live in the clouds.

The plot synopsis for "Oblivion" says it is set in the future where radiation has destroyed the Earth. Most of the population is safe from the danger of the irradiated world and the dangerous Scavenger alien race by living in the clouds, but some people are forced to live on the Earth's surface. Jack (Cruise) is one such man, a surface drone repairman whose life gets turned upside down when he finds a mysterious woman (Andrea Riseborough) in a crash-landed pod. She tells him she's on a science experiment that was started 60 years earlier, yet somehow still knows who he is. This "sets off an unstoppable chain of events that will force him to question everything he knows."

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