More Original 'X-Men' Rumored For Bryan Singer's 'Days Of Future Past'

James Marsden Halle Berry

Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Hugh Jackman are all reportedly on board for "X-Men: Days of Future Past," but why should Bryan Singer stop there? The filmmaker has plenty of other "X-Men" veterans he could bring into the cast of his upcoming sequel, after all.

Looks like Singer and the folks at Fox might be thinking the same thing. The Hollywood Reporter has posted an analysis of the "Days of Future Past" situation, indicating that more original "X-Men" players — like James Marsden and Halle Berry — are potentially in the mix for Singer's next X-film.

The report mentions Marsden and Berry by name, but doesn't go so far as to say that either one of them are in discussions for the sequel; it could just be wishful thinking. But THR does cite a source close to the project who says, "There is a lot of willingness to participate because of Bryan," suggesting that more members of Singer's original "X-Men" team could be lining up for "Days of Future Past."

As for how the old X-squad will fit alongside the "First Class" gang from the 1960s? THR states that the Original-Singers (coining that now!) would be featured "mostly in scenes depicting an alternate dystopic future, so pay and time commitments are not substantial." That information (if true) strongly indicates that "Days of Future Past" is first and foremost a "First Class" sequel with the "First Class" cast front and center; Stewart, McKellen, Jackman and the like would be in supporting roles. Anyone have a problem with that? Didn't think so.

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