Five Reasons To Own 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Dark Knight Rises

by Ryan Rigley

With the "Dark Knight" trilogy now complete, diehard Batman fans have been left wondering what the future holds for their beloved bat-themed superhero. But before we look too far forward, let us first reflect back on the end of an era.

Earlier this week, "The Dark Knight Rises" was released on Blu-ray and DVD with enough special features to fill an entire Batcave. Whether you've already seen the film in theaters or have yet to watch it, "The Dark Knight Rises" home video release is certainly worth its price. Read on for five reasons why you should pick up "The Dark Knight Rises" on Blu-ray and/or DVD.

1. The Making of Bane

When it comes to opponents that pose both a physical and psychological threat to the Dark Knight, Bane absolutely takes the cake. In this featurette, entitled "Gotham's Reckoning," we see how Christopher Nolan and his team created the Bane that we see in "The Dark Knight Rises" via concept art and mask mockups. We even learn where Tom Hardy came up with that oddly terrifying voice.

2. The History of the Batmobile

As you all well know, there have been multiple incarnations of the Batmobile throughout the course of Batman's history. This documentary, entitled "The Batmobile," thoroughly goes over every single version from inception to creation, starting with the original "Batmobile" (which was apparently just a red Cadillac) and working all the way up to Nolan's Tumbler. There are also some very interesting original sketches of a bizarre spider-like Batmobile designed by the legendary H.R. Giger.

3. The Filming of the Prologue

Did you ever wonder how Nolan and his team shot such a realistic airplane hijacking for the "Dark Knight Rises" prologue? Well, the answer is they actually had to do it. In this behind-the-scenes featurette, we see exactly what measures the crew had to go to in order to capture such intense footage. You'll see a helicopter carrying an upside down airplane, a team of professionals carefully scaling its wings, and even the final wreckage of the crashed plane, all of which happened in real life.

4. The Destruction of a Football Field

Much like the airplane hijacking in the prologue, Nolan and team actually had to blow up Pittsburgh's Heinz Field for the film. Granted, not nearly on the scale that we see in the finished product. This particular featurette focuses on the football field scene and how the people of Pittsburgh rallied together in order to create one of the most memorable scenes in recent movie history.

5. The Psychology of Batman

When it comes to making superhero films, Nolan knows, perhaps better than anybody else, that even superheroes are people. In this Batman featurette, we get a glimpse into the mind of Bruce Wayne as he's deteriorated both mentally and physically throughout the course of the "Dark Knight" trilogy. Through interviews with the cast and crew, we learn how exactly Bruce Wayne was rationalized for the silver screen and also what dressing up as a giant bat every night does to a man's psyche.

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