Michael Caine Wants To Keep Playing Alfred

Michael Caine

Anne Hathaway wants a Catwoman spinoff. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is rumored for a "Justice League" role. Who else from the "Dark Knight" series wants to get in on some post-Nolan action?

Here's another name to add to the list: Michael Caine. In an interview with The Los Angeles Times, Caine heaped praise upon Christopher Nolan's vision for his now-concluded Batman series — but he still wants another crack at Alfred Pennyworth, with or without the iconic filmmaker at his side.

“I said to Chris, ‘If they do it again and they ask me to be the Butler, I’m going to do it,’” Caine said with a laugh, according to the interview. “He said, ‘I want 10%.’”

That doesn't sound wholly serious, but it does raise an interesting question: what if Caine's Alfred carried over from "Dark Knight" to the "Justice League" series? After all, Judi Dench's M was a pivotal player in not just the Daniel Craig "Bond" films, but several 007 adventures prior to that. Would it be so jarring if Caine reappeared as Batman's trusty butler down the line? I don't think so, but perhaps I'm alone on that.

Still, Caine's big reason for loving his Batman character is the level of care Nolan brought to the table.

“The thing about Chris is he’s not a normal blockbuster director,” said the actor. “Normally when you get these blockbusters, they spend so much money on the stunts and the scenery, they haven’t got any money left over for actors so they never write any great dramatic parts in. But everything in his movie is written like a drama. You could take it out and make a movie about that, the relationship with the butler.”

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