'Arrow' Meets His Match In John Barrowman's Merlyn

John Barrowman

Oliver Queen and Helena Bertinelli hit the streets on tonight's episode of "Arrow" fully armed in vigilante mode, but it's not Huntress who should be on the forefront of Ollie's mind — it's his best pal's dad, Malcolm Merlyn.

Though "Arrow" fans long expected Oliver's best friend Tommy to evolve into the villainous Merlyn that comic book readers are well-acquainted with, a new wrinkle entered the scene last week when the Well-Dressed Man was revealed to be Tommy's father. So, does that mean Malcolm Merlyn is Oliver's true nemesis-in-the-making?

"He’s certainly the most nefarious character we’ve met so far," star Stephen Amell tells TV Line about the reveal of Malcolm Merlyn, adding, "which is ironic, because they’ve never come together. So far.”

Does that mean Tommy isn't a threat worth worrying about, then? Not so fast, says Amell.

"We start off in the pilot with Tommy being … a little bit suspicious [of Oliver], and we haven’t seen that [since]," the actor teases. "And one of the things I like about [tonight's] episode is… if he were eventually going down a darker path, this is a nice way to sort of push a character in one direction."

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