Why 'Chronicle' Star Dane DeHaan Is The Perfect Choice For 'Amazing Spider-Man 2'


It's rare that when news of a high-profile comic book movie casting comes along, like Dane DeHaan joining the "Amazing Spider-Man" sequel, that we can find strong evidence that the actor can convincingly live in the world of superheroes. Luckily in the case of DeHaan we have one of this year's biggest surprises, the found footage superhero flick "Chronicle."

DeHaan's portrayal of Andrew, a troubled kid who gets more power than he ever could have imagined, makes the perfect case for his new role as Harry Osborn, and here's why.

He Plays It Straight

Something that's particularly important about making a superhero movie good and what helped "Chronicle" is that all the actors pretend like it's 100 percent serious. If you play your comic book character like any other, as DeHaan did with Andrew, the audience will be able to relate. Andrew was a kid with a crappy dad, and the crappiest comic book dad of all is probably Norman Osborn. Seems like he'll be right at home here.

The Dude Can Act

While he might not have the same electric chemistry with Andrew Garfield as his co-star (and real-life girlfriend) Emma Stone, it's DeHaan's ability to act charmingly natural and that will make him such a fit in this cast. One of the biggest strengths of "The Amazing Spider-Man" was the chemistry between Garfield and Stone. And in "Chronicle," DeHaan's chemistry with Michael B. Jordan and Alex Russell added believability to a genuinely ridiculous premise that would have otherwise come off as generic. Expect DeHaan to bring the same truthfulness to his relationships with the "Spider-Man" cast.

He's A Proven Super Villain

Harry Osborn drifts over to the dark side more than a few times in the "Amazing Spider-Man" comics, so if that's the route we end up going for the second or third leg of the trilogy, we at the very least know that DeHaan is equipped for the part. We could definitely be on board for a younger Green Goblin!

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