Patrick Stewart Knows 'Nothing' About 'X-Men' Sequel

Patrick Stewart

Want to know what the plot of "X-Men: Days of Future Past" has in store? You're not alone — Patrick Stewart is in the dark, too, despite the fact that he's supposedly in the movie!

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Stewart revealed that he knows as much as the next guy about what the next "X-Men" movie is all about. Furthermore, he said that he hasn't even signed on the dotted line just yet, despite Bryan Singer's announcement last week that Stewart and Ian McKellen are reprising their roles as the older Professor Xavier and Magneto, respectively.

"I don’t know that we’re doing it. I have not signed a contract yet," said the actor. "I know there is a project in development, but we have no dates. No detailed casting. Thrilled to hear that my dear friend and colleague Ian McKellen is on board, but I’m sorry, you know, you need to understand, I’m not being cute. I know nothing."

"It’s a kind of awkward position, because lovely Bryan Singer just blurted it all out there," Stewart added. "For me the big thrill is knowing that Bryan Singer is attached to this movie, because not only is he a brilliant director, but also I adore him and hope that it might be true and that we do work together at some point in the future. But I’m not being coy. I know nothing about this project. And I’m hoping that might change in the future."

So, perhaps Stewart's "Future Past" isn't as certain as we all thought...

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