Russell Crowe: 'Man Of Steel' Was 'A Wonderful Opportunity'

Superman is headed to jail, but Jor-El is headed for an even worse fate: complete annihilation alongside his fellow people of Krypton.

Russell Crowe is the actor stepping into the ill-fated shoes of the great Kryptonian scientist for director Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel," becoming the first actor to tackle the role on the big screen since the late Marlon Brando. Little is known about "Man of Steel," though with only seven months standing between us and the film's June 14, 2013 release date, the details are starting to trickle out — but Crowe is keeping his lips sealed, save for revealing the reason he hopped aboard the Superman reboot in the first place.

"It afforded me a wonderful opportunity to put a specific thing in the minds of 14 year-old boys," Crowe told MTV News when pushed on why "Man of Steel" was a project that excited him. "And that is that the bravest thing you can do, the most important thing you can ever do, is love."

There's little doubt that Jor-El's tale is a romantic one, sending his infant son off to an unknown fate in order to escape decisive doom on Krypton. Crowe's words suggest that "Man of Steel" will have a lot of love to give to its viewers. Here's hoping the audience returns the sentiment.

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