Why 'Avengers' Ruled 2012: A GIF Guide


"Marvel's The Avengers" absolutely owned 2012. That's not an opinion; it's a fact — you can't argue with $1.5 billion.

But we're not talking about the numbers. We're talking about the story that was told and the heroes who came together to tell it. "The Avengers" featured no less than six superheroes (arguments could be made for more) and one hell of a supervillain (not even counting his alien armada), all under the command of a visionary with a craving for shawarma. There were many superhero and comic book films in 2012, but few measure up to "Avengers" in terms of size, scale, scope and heart — not to mention fandom.

Here is why "Avengers" completely ruled 2012... as told in 12 GIFs.

1. Because these guys hated each other before they loved each other:

Iron Man

2. Because these guys became the best of friends:


3. Because he was the most deliciously devious villain of the year:


4. Because she kicked all of the butts:

Black Widow

5. Because it kiiiiinda makes no sense that this guy is an Avenger but hey look back-flip archery:


6. Because this guy is so cool that not even death is going to stop him from getting a TV show:


7. Because he's always angry:


8. Because he likes punching Thor:


9. And because he really likes smashing Loki:


10. But really, "Avengers" ruled 2012 because of this:


11. (Though really, it's this:)


12. ((Though really really, it's this:))


We rest our case.

Do you agree that "The Avengers" dominated 2012? List your reasons why or why not in the comments section below or hit us up on Twitter!

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