'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Casting Call: Who Should Play Norman Osborn?

Dane DeHaan is Harry Osborn. But who should play his dad? Between a reference to the ailing Oscorp figurehead in the first "Amazing Spider-Man" to DeHaan's casting, it's only a matter of time before we find out who is playing Norman Osborn — the man who ultimately becomes Spidey's arch-nemesis, the Green Goblin.

Norman Osborn

Before Sony and Marc Webb have a chance to announce their choice (assuming Norman's in the movie at all), we wanted to get a jump-start with our own list of actors perfect for Osborn. Click on for our Norman Osborn casting call!

FIRST: "Say My Name!"

Norman Osborn

1. Bryan Cranston

He is the danger. He is the one who knocks. Need we say more? Fine, we'll say this: few actors can chill you to the bone with a look quite like Cranston. He would eat this role alive.

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Norman Osborn

2. Damien Lewis

Already rumored for the part, Lewis is a strong pick for Norman. He rides the line between stable and insane week in and week out as is-he-or-isn't-he turn-cloak Nicholas Brody on "Homeland." The man didn't win his Emmy for nothing.

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Norman Osborn

3. Mark Strong

Strong, Hollywood's go-to bad guy at the moment, would be right at home playing the head of Oscorp. He's a fanboy-friendly face having appeared in "Green Lantern," "Kick-Ass" and more. Add Green Goblin to the list for a perfect trifecta of comic book villainy!

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Norman Osborn

4. Clive Owen

If you want an A-list leading man for Osborn — a character who is an A-list leading man in his more put-together moments — you could do a whole lot worse than Owen. A previous Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominee, Owen would bring gravitas to Stormin' Norman.

LAST: He Is The Law

Norman Osborn

5. Jude Law

Like Owen, Law brings A-list talent to any role he approaches. He's also an outspoken comic book fan with a "Watchmen" tattoo as proof. Many wanted to see Law as Joker before Heath Ledger won the part. If Norman goes the Goblin route, then this could be a perfect consolation prize. Plus, he sure looks like he could play Dane DeHaan's daddy, doesn't he?

Who would you cast as Norman Osborn? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below or hit us up on Twitter!