'Walking Dead' Star Norman Reedus Describes Daryl's 'Awkward' Love Life

Walking Dead

Is there no end to the pain and suffering for our dear survivors on "The Walking Dead"? So many characters have already fallen this season, and it looks like we're in for even more gore when the show returns in February.

One of the characters we're most worried about based on last night's spisode is Daryl Dixon. Is he going to be okay? The producers wouldn't dare write off Daryl, would they?

While we spend the next few weeks worrying about Daryl's safety, we thought we'd spend at least today enjoying some "awkward" commentary from the actor who plays him, Norman Reedus.

"He'll do anything to keep these people alive," Reedus told MTV News recently about Daryl's wanting to prove himself and get out from under his Merle-induced PTSD (i.e. living in the shadow of a humiliating, racist brother). "I never want to be my big brother, especially now that he's away and Daryl is finding out who he is as a person."

Something else Reedus wants Daryl to avoid is being any sort of romantic hero — no matter how much the lady “Dead” fans might be hoping otherwise.

“I don't think he's the type of character who will throw you up against a tree, have moonlight glistening off his sweaty back, I don't want to be that guy,” Reedus said. “I'd rather be the guy who is completely awkward and has no game. I'd rather prematurely ejaculate and cry in the corner rather than 'Yeah! Nailed her!'"

“It’s a zombie apocalypse, there's really no one to get with. I want to be as awkward as possible when it comes with that,” he continued. “He's not Shane, I want to do the opposite. There's so much to play with when you first meet people, interactions are slow and thought out and awkward and nobody is really that cool. There are so many awesome moments that are more realistic and troubling, I'd rather explore those."

Here's hoping Daryl gets out of Woodbury alive to explore all of those awesome, awkward moments!

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