Darkseid Rumored For 'Justice League' Movie


The Mad Titan strikes theaters in 2015 (or perhaps even sooner, depending on how "Guardians of the Galaxy" plays out). But he won't be the only extraterrestrial world-ender battling it out with superheroes at the box office that year, if a new report is to be believed.

Though "Justice League" remains without a director or cast lined up yet, it may have already secured a villain, according to a report made by El Mayimbe at Latino Review. He states that the villain of "Justice League" is none other than Darkseid, one of the most iconic bad guys in the DC Universe.

Created by Jack Kirby, Darkseid has plagued the pages of DC Comics since his first appearance in 1970, going up against a wide assortment of heroes including Superman, Batman, the Green Lantern Corps and much more. Of all the recognizable villains in the DC catalogue, there are few better choices than Darkseid to stand against the big-screen "Justice League."

There's no way to know if there's any truth to Latino Review's report, but they've gotten a lot right in the past, so let's give them the benefit of the doubt and play along for now. That doesn't mean Darkseid will make it to theaters in 2015; Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have a lot of obstacles to overcome if they want to make sure their "Justice League" movie is in good enough shape to stand a chance against the Thanos-filled "Avengers" sequel, after all.

Stay tuned as we hear more…

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