'Walking Dead' Midseason Finale Will Claim Another Survivor's Life

Walking Dead

Keep your Kleenex at the ready on Sunday night, "Walking Dead" watchers, because another one is about to bite the dust.

In an interview with Hero Complex, "Walking Dead" showrunner Glen Mazzara revealed that yes, another character is about to sail off to that zombie-free graveyard in the sky, as soon as this coming Sunday's midseason finale: "It wouldn’t be a mid-season finale if we didn’t have a death, right?"

Mazzara didn't reveal who will be kicking the bucket, of course, but he did reveal some other aspects of the coming episode. SPOILERS ahead.

The midseason finale positions Rick and his fellow inmates against the Governor and the people of Woodbury. Despite the coming clash, Mazzara says we're still a ways off from seeing Rick and the Governor meet face-to-face.

"The first interaction between Rick and the Governor on-screen will be played down the road," he said. "What’s interesting in the mid-season finale a lot is revealed but interestingly we still have more story to play before those two characters come face to face."

One such story that still hasn't occurred on "The Walking Dead" is the rape scene between the Governor and Michonne as depicted in the comic books. Mazzara said that last episode's encounter between Maggie and the Governor isn't meant to replace that scene, and that the encounter is still very much a possibility going forward — it just needs to be done very, very carefully.

"Without a doubt, it could still happen or it could happen with somebody else. Nothing is off the table. These are long-running characters and there’s a long-running story to be told but it needs to be told sensitively, realistically, intelligently and respectfully."

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